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Nine Lives

Wild College Parties

I have a crazy college friend that stays on campus earning his degree. I wonder how he is even passing his classes because he has a party every single weekend. How does he even do his homework and studying? His parents are loaded and throw money at him daily, he is a spoiled. He pays his friends to do his studies and right before an exam he stays up for two days cramming for a good grade.

I like to attend his parties once in awhile, my girlfriend is always mad when I go. She gets so upset with me because he always has his Nottingham escorts friends over all night long. They just hop from guy to guy all night long, personally I think that it is pretty gross. I know that I am going home to my girlfriend with a clean body. As for my crazy friend who knows if he has caught anything!

Feeling Tied Down

My way of looking at relationships is that they are truly wonderful. The only downside to them is that they tend to go downhill after a prolonged time period. When this happens most people tend to break up or just stay with their significant other while being unhappy. I have a completely different way of handling this type of situation. Some may say it’s unethical or down right horrible, but I like find a local fuck for when my relationship goes bad. Sometimes it makes me realize what I am missing out on with my partner and sometimes it even makes me see that the relationship with them isn’t what I am looking for. It is nice to be with another person for a night and find out what it is like to be free and not tied down. I am always feeling tied down, so by doing this I can feel like I am important for a change.

Obscene Meet Cute

I recently found out that dogs can be an excellent gay sex dating tool. I was divorced, and had not met anyone new in a long time. I was at the dog park with my two dogs. My youngest dog, a Pug, was a bit rambunctious.

There was a really hot guy there with his own dog. I had no idea how to approach him.

I moved closer to where he was standing. I kept thinking I would come up with something charming to say. I had gotten about 3 feet from this sexy stranger. My Pug ran up to him and without warning began to hump his leg.

I was appalled. I ran to remove Rebel from this poor mans leg. I know my face was flushed red. I squatted down, and as I looked up at this gorgeous guy the only words that came to mind were, “Come here often?”

We both died laughing, and he did ask for my phone number. I guess an obscene gesture can be cute. When it comes from a canine anyway.

Go Away

I thought that I found the best fuck buddy London that I have ever had two weeks ago. He was thin, attractive, had a great body and had bright baby blue eyes. Usually, I end up finding my buddies at the bar but I found this young one why I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood park.

Everything was going good for the first week and then I felt that he was trying to start to be a little bit controlling. I had plans to go to a concert with my guy friend and he said that was unacceptable, I was like “hugh”? These tickets were not cheap and I bought them several months ago.

Then he started picking at my previous relationships that I have had and I knew right then and there that this guy had to go away. I told him two days ago and he has called my phone a million times.

Sharana Navratri – Celebration of Goddess Shaktis

Navratri, a Hindu festival, is meant to provoke the Goddess Shakti and to seek her blessings. Navratri is celebrated for nine days and nights and the word Navratri literally translates to “vava” which means nine and “natri” which means night. Although there are multiple Navratri festivals that take place throughout the year, Sharana Navratri is celebrated during the Hindu Sharad season (September/October), and places emphasis on the slaying of demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga. Shakti’s many forms of power, or cosmic energy, are celebrated on different days of celebration along with good hindi phone sex. On days one through three she is worshiped as Goddess Druga, then she is worshiped in the next three days as Goddess Lakshmi. Finally, on the last three days she is worshipped as Goddess Saraswati. Sharana Navatri is considered the most important of all Navratri celebrations, but all have one thing in common. They symbolize the triumph of good versus evil.

Musician On The Loose

I am a bass player that has worked hard with our rock band and we travel all through the United States, Canada and Europe. We have visited many other locations during the past several years as well. When we are out on tour we usually are gone for about a month and some times even longer.

I have never been able to hold a steady girl because I am gone all the time and the jealous thing kicks in. I am not trusted because we have a lot of followers because of our great music. The best thing that I found to work out for me is dating fuck buddies. I never have to worry about the relationship problems and there are no strings attached. This makes my life flow much smoother and it makes me happy at the same time!

A Little Story

I was with my husband for eternity and sadly he passed away a couple of months ago. We have two children that are in their teens and still go to school. I have only worked part time all of my life and now I am forced to work full time. It seems like my days are long at work and short with spending time with my children. By the time I get home, get dinner done and help with homework the day is over!

I do allow myself some time to spend with my local shags on the weekend. It seems like it is the best answer for me because I am not looking for any type of relationship at this time. I can still have a little pleasure for myself and go home when it is all said and done. My kids always ask where I am going and I always have to make up a little story.

Spoiled Brat

I have the best fuck buddy in the whole wide world, I am treated like the princess that I should be. We have a no strings attached relationship but he does spoil me often. He takes me out to eat at classy food chains a couple of times a week. I see all the new released movies that we are interested in as soon as they come out. My rent is paid up ahead of time for the entire year! I am only responsible for my utilities, cell phone bill and my care insurance. He gave me his 2010 Mustang that is paid off in full and I am just sitting back and loving life.

The only thing that I have to do is please him when he wants to be pleased. I think that is not to hard to ask because I have everything handed right to me!